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Constructive Actions



We create positive actions each time we avoid a negative one. We also act constructively when we do the ten positive actions (which are listed in the Reaching Out To Others section) which are the opposite of the ten destructive ones, for example, saving life, respecting others possessions, using our sexuality wisely and kindly, speaking truthfully, creating harmony, speaking kindly and pointing out other’s good qualities and deeds (and noticing our own), speaking when it is timely, being generous, wishing to help others, and developing correct views.


It is important to be aware of our constructive actions, our motivations for doing them, and their results. For each type of positive action mentioned below:

·        Make specific examples of the times you have engaged in it.

·        What was your motivation? Remember the Eight Worldly Concerns.

·        How did you do the action? With respect and kindness?

·        Notice what were the short and long-term results?

·        How can you protect your tendencies to act constructively? How can you increase your positive actions?


Constructive actions include:

1.      Being in a situation in which we could act negatively but choosing not to. Think how you can act positively in them simply by giving up negative actions. What mental attitudes do you need to develop to do so? Practice developing them and imagine abandoning the negative action.


2.      Doing the ten constructive actions, which are the opposite of the ten destructive ones. Saving life is the opposite of killing, protecting and respecting others’ possessions is the opposite of stealing, and so forth. Think of situations in which you could act positively. Imagine acting in this way.


3.      Cultivating the attitudes of generosity, patience, joyous effort, mindfulness, and wisdom.


Conclusion: Rejoice at the positive deeds you have done and encourage yourself to act in beneficial ways in the future.

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