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Life-Long Companion


Because I am the only person I will have a relationship with all of my life, I choose:

  • To love myself the way I am now

  • To always acknowledge that I am enough just the way I am

  • To love, honor, and cherish myself

  • To be my own best friend

  • To be the person I would like to spend the rest of my life with

  • To always take care of myself so that I can take care of others

  • To always grow, develop, and share my love and life

Ron and Mary Hulnick, University of Santa Monika

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For a wonderful story by Robert Munsch, called Love You Forever found at

For other stories: and see his books, hear him, or download at (works with a RealPlayer)


Intentions, Aspirations, and Affirmations For Ourselves

  • I will free my heart from all suffering, pain, and distress.

  • I intend with my whole being to cultivate and grow a heart that is intimate with all of life.


I Say Yes
To My Life!

Something wonderful is happening to me right now.
It’s this thing called life.
Life is in my body.
Life is in my mind.
Life is in everything I do.
I receive it.
I share it.
I am it.
I accept it just the way it is,
And just the way it is not.
Thank you life…Amen!

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