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In Bob Wilson’s artful and heartful playbook, you’ll discover how you can create healthy, enjoyable, and sustainable changes in your life.  You will come to understand how each of your daily choices affects your body, mind, and spirit, and how everything is interconnected


Become Your Own Lifestyle Coach as You Learn 12 Essential Skills!



We'll explore the process of making lasting changes in areas that matter most for you. You'll learn lots about yourself, discover ways to get back on track when you fall back to old habits, and learn how to keep motivated to achieve your dreams.
























Explore visions of health and transform them into realities.

You make the difference!


                                                                                                                    UPDATED 5TH EDITION ON 6-2-2013



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Discover how to become your own mindful and compassionate lifestyle self-manager as you cultivate 12 essential skills that create life-long well-being, a healthy weight, and a more vibrant friskiness.


The 12 Essential Skills of Lighter & Free from the Inside Out                        

1.      Beginning Your Journey: Becoming Aware of the Big Picture

2.      Cultivating Balance in Your Life

3.      Becoming Your Own Lifestyle Self-Manager

4.      Discovering the Power of FUN: Celebrating Enjoyable Ways to Be Active for Life!

5.      Cultivating a Sustainable, Healthful Plan of Eating

6.      Planning and Preparing Delicious Recipes, Meals, and Snacks in a Hectic World

7.      Eating with Awareness and Pleasure

8.      Transforming Emotional Eating

9.      Self-esteem and Self-nurturing: Developing an Unconditional Friendship with Yourself

10.  Seeking Support, Counseling, and Outside Resources for Your Journey

11.  Cultivating Daily Quiet and Personal Introspection Time       

12.  Maintenance: Learning How to Cultivate Lifelong Well-Being  


Explore the Table of Contents: TABLE OF CONTENTS Lighter & Free from the Inside Out.pdf

 and information piece: Lighter & Free_Cover_revised-LOW RESOLUTION.pdf

Me at 260 pounds — my high school graduation picture. Top weight 400 pounds.

At my maximum, I weighed about 250 pounds more than shown here on a hike I could not have done before the weight loss!


About the Author of Lighter & Free from the Inside Out


Discover skill power, not will power!


“Someone who has been there” wrote this playbook. I have kept off about 250 pounds for over 40 years (I weighed 400 pounds in the 8th eighth grade!), and I have been in recovery from alcohol and drugs for 25 years. My lifestyle behaviors were out-of-control and unhealthy.


How did I make lasting changes? I found that success at losing weight and keeping it off required learning a series of new skills.


I am also a Registered Dietetic Technician who has been in the field of Health Education for over 25 years and has taught non-dieting healthy living classes in Portland, Oregon for 23 years.


This playbook and the website share in a clear and simple way my journey of transforming the root causes of my overweight, and they suggest that each person can look into themselves and unravel their underlying patterns and sculpt new beginnings. People who have struggled with weight relate easily to my journey because it is their own story.


Every part of the playbook nurtures hope that we all can transform intense self-destruction to loving self-care.





Discover Bob’s overflowing wellspring of wellness based on his personal story of releasing about 250 pounds over 35 years ago and being drug-and-alcohol-free for over 20 years. Bob has helped thousands of people discover and use their own inner wisdom to find lasting solutions for their life challenges


What Bob’s clients say:

“Bob taught me the many aspects of one’s life that can contribute to being overweight:  stress, boredom, anger, anxiety, lack of fun in my life, self-image problems, and much more.  Managing my life leads me to be successful in managing my weight!”   Cheryl R.


“Bob changed my head, heart, and body in such a wonderful way.  He helped me overcome a fear of change and taught me to embrace it!”  Claire V.

I realized there won't be a quick fix to my weight problem. I use baby steps, and I know I will get there. Bob helped me figure out, one day at a time, how to get what I need for myself and what will work best for me.” Ron S.

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Be well and frisky,

  Bob Wilson

Weight Management Coaching

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