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                          My Favorite Exercise is Avoiding Excuses


Old Excuses

New Approach (or choose your own ideas)

Iím too busy.

This just isnít a good time.           


Iíve been saying that for months. Iíll always be busy, but if I choose to make health and fitness a priority, Iíll find the time. I can also break-up my physical activity into shorter segments of time.

I have health problems.           

Iíll get sore.                                        


The health benefits typically outweigh the risks. I can consult a health professional to address my specific concerns. I will begin slowly and gradually increase my efforts to avoid pain. Check out: Exercising with Health Challenges and Be Active At Any size.

Iím too old, overweight, or out-of-shape.

Iím too self-conscious about my body.

Itís never too late. I can set reasonable goals, get support, and anticipate looking younger and feeling better about myself from physical activity. Pay a visit to make a SMART plan.

Itís boring.                                         

I hate exercise.

I donít want to do it alone.

I can be creative and find activities that I like or a buddy to do it with. I can add music, hike, dance, bicycle, swim, join a team, take a class, or decide to enjoy some time alone when I exercise. Glimpse The Power of Fun!


Itís not really necessary.


Why wait for a heart attack? Consider the benefits today and for your future. Glimpse Notice the Benefits of Being Active. 

Iím too tired.


Lack of exercise causes fatigue, but physical activity increases my energy so I can do more each day.


I canít stick with it.

Itís too much work.

Iím too lazy.

This is an opportunity to improve my discipline and patience. I can learn what works and does not work for me and adjust my plan. I can notice positive results and reward my efforts. Look into  Ideas for Self-Nurturing.

Iíll sweat.


I can exercise before my morning shower or do it after work. I can use deodorants, dress shields, or change clothes. Walking may create no more sweat than other daily tasks.


It costs too much.


I canít buy health once I lose it. There are low cost ways to exercise, like walking. Appreciate 21 Steps to Aging Successfully!

I have small children at home.

I can exercise with them or find a childcare provider.


The weather is bad.


I can dress for the weather or find a way to do physical activity indoors.

Used with permission from © 2004, Kaiser Permanente Northwest Health Education Services, Cultivating Healthô Weight Management Kit

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