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Nourishing Affirmations! Caress Your Mind with Lovely Thoughts.

What you THINK is what you GET! Change your thinking, change your life!

To downsize your hips, start with your head!

I found these affirmations as I was cleaning up my meditation room. I had used these ideas extensively in my 1993 diary (about 20 years ago) to help me change my way of thinking. It was FUN to discover these self-statements that I had used over and over again to help me change my deep-seated self hatred, depression, and low self-esteem. I was going to counseling during this time and found it to be invaluable. Visit: Therapeutic Help for The Journey. I worked with these affirmations for over a year. Over time, my life completely was TRANSFORMED! I'm SO glad that I took the time to do this. A KEY practice is to slow down every day for personal quiet time--time to reflect on your life's journey.

These were the "seeds" that I planted in my garden of well-being that I had watered with my loving self-care! Please visit: Plant the Garden of Your Life With Seeds of Well-Being and How do you transform the suffering and pain in your life into well-being?, Out of Hell, Into Freedom Thoughts, Bob's Story the Emotional Area, and a Gratitude List, and Five Contemplations Before Meals. If you feel really stuck and overwhelmed, perhaps visit Don't Worry About It!

Affirmations help us to establish the belief system we want. Meditate daily on these affirmations, once in the morning and once in the evening, and observe the changes that unfold in your life. Writing them in a journal, or posting them on "sticky notes" at various places around the house can also be very helpful.

Affirmations--Discover the Power of Thought: Suggestions & Methods for their use

Prescription for Well-Being! and Imagine Your Ideal Day!


Louise Hay Affirmations: New Thought Patterns to transform our bodies

I feed myself new images and new possibilities! Yay!

Practice Thinking 10 impossible thoughts every day!

It only takes one person to change your!

Go slow. Take Time to Really FEEL These Statements.

  • I believe in myself and my unlimited potential. I feel confident in my in my ideas and abilities. I have deep resources of untapped inner strength. I believe in my power to change and become the person I've always wanted to be.

  • I am the creator of my life. I create through my thoughts, my words, and my actions!

  • I create my life in harmony and with balance.

  • I am receptive to the wisdom which gives me knowledge to bring harmony and right action into every phase of my daily living. I'm dancing free!

  • I learn from every experience. I embrace new beginnings. I trust myself and the Universe.

  • I am a skilled choice maker.

  • So great is the good that I am expecting that every pain along the way is joyous!

  • I is mysterious and I don't take it SO serious.

  • I trust Life. I take the long-term view.

  • I experience the joy of being!

  • I am inspired by life and guided into all good.

  • There is nothing to fear. I am safe, cared for, and loved. Everyone and everything will lean towards me to bless me and I will recognize in everyone my dearest friend. Ah...
  • I respect myself and like who I am. I have made the decision to win in my life!

  • I live in the now. Each moment is a present...a gift of life to me.

  • I am a success!

  • I shine my love into the world.

  • I celebrate life! I am contented and thankful.

  • I am a private miracle! I am the unique creation of the Creative One!

  • Every morning: Gee, a brand new 24 hours! What a precious gift! I choose to live in peace and contentment.

  • I trust life. I slow down. I allow tensionless living. I relax. I let go of all fear. Ah...

  • I am a precious and intelligent person, and there are people who really enjoy my company.

  • I am growing and evolving soul and I welcome the opportunity for spiritual evolution.

  • I am willing to receive. I am worthy of my good.

  • I am now at the place to discover what in me has prevented me from receiving at an unconscious level.

  • I am vibrantly alive and radiantly healthy!

  • I am naturally exuberant!

  • My body is my friend. I treat it with respect.

  • I am filled with energy, love, and joy!

  • I take time for something FUN and different each day! I let my wild inner-child side out to play!

  • I really enjoy and love my life as it is now.

  • I am wealthy. I have terrific abundance!

  • I LOVE being alive! I say YES to my life! I accept it as it is.

  • I love mornings! I love afternoons! I love evenings!

  • I am empowered by the energy that flows through me.

  • I have a great JOY just for being alive!

  • I am deeply centered and peaceful in life.

  • It is SAFE for me to be alive and joyous!

  • Limitless love blossoms in my life!

  • I am at peace and comfortable in every area of my life. I am strong, gentle, and capable.

  • I am worthy of my own love, respect, and acceptance.

  • I am a beautiful person. I matter!

  • I am accepted by myself. I want me. I belong. I feel it and I show it.

  • I am a likeable person. I easily meet new people. I make new friends easily. I like myself so others like me too.

  • I am willing to move through my barriers of ignorance, fear, and anger, so that my perfect being can express itself in all my relationships. Loving relationships are a key element in my state of general health and well-being.

  • All barriers to my full expression and enjoyment of my life are now dissolved. I LOVE and appreciate myself!

  • I CAN do it! Bring life on! My potential is endless!

  • I am 100% responsible for creating my life.

  • I am a wonderful and loving individual!

  • I like who I am, and I like who I am becoming!

  • I take loving care of myself and I LOVE taking care of my needs.

  • My needs are a precious part of my humanity.

  • I now choose to enjoy my life!

  • I am free to be joyous!

  • I am a deserving human being, and I have a right to relax.

  • I count too!

  • I am totally open and receptive to making time for self-renewal daily.

  • I experiment with a variety of self-nourishing activities and get back in touch with those that are fulfilling to me.

  • I take time for comforting myself each day.

  • I release all feelings of guilt, and enjoy my nurturing breaks.

  • I experience love wherever I go. Universal love and support always surround me. Only the channel through which the love comes, changes.

  • I LOVE and approve of myself!

  • I love you______! Your fantastic!!!

  • I Love being in my BODY. I accept and delight in its needs.

  • I deserve the best, and I now accept it.

  • I appreciate ALL that I do. I be-friend myself.

  • I am filled with LOVE and natural affection.

  • I LOVE to laugh! Life is FUN! I take delight in life!

  • I really enjoy and LOVE my life, as it is right now.

  • LIFE is good and I let it flow through all my activities.

  • The Universe always provides for me. The world is a SAFE and BEAUTIFUL place to be. I LOVE it!

  • I am TOTALLY healthy!

  • I am trusting and at peace with the limitless power at work in my life.

  • My current experience is a stage in the journey to fulfilling love.

  • I am healthy, vibrant, and alive! I am energetic!

  • I slow down the pace of my eating and savor the flavor of food.

  • I am my own person, and I respect myself.

  • I am at peace. Ah...

  • I am worthy of the best life has to offer, and I now lovingly allow myself to accept it.

  • I am willing to change. I am learning to practice self-care every day.

  • I enjoy the opportunity to create my life in a new way!

  • Life is good and I let it flow thru all my activities!

  • All is well in my world!

                                  Streams of abundance, blessings, peace, and contentment...


flow into and out of my life.


May all people have ease of mind.

May all people have comfort of heart.

May all people abide in love and compassion.

I write myself love notes. Taken from my diary:

I wrote an apology to myself in my diary underneath the drawing shown above: "Sometimes, I really seem to wish that you were different--smarter, more talented, had different skills, a cuter body, more strength, etc., etc., I apologize for not accepting you...loving you, my precious Bobbie!"

Thought by thought, word by word, act by act, I lift myself to a new level of life!

Please remember, to downsize your hips, start with your head!

I have explored many paths of learning to help me transform my life. One of them is the Science of Mind groups and magazine. Explore: I found their magazines to be deeply uplifting and helpful to me. Below I share some wisdom from their March 1993 issue and their "Affirmations for March":

The Science of Mind teaches that we are surrounded by an infinite Intelligence which operates creatively upon our beliefs. By letting go of destructive beliefs and adopting constructive ones, we cooperate with the infinite Intelligence in making our lives fulfilling and successful.

My Body radiates wholeness:

My body is the temple of the living Spirit. Therefore, it is filled with wholeness. Every muscle, organ, nerve and cell is in perfect alignment with the function it was designed to perform. I am revitalized and energized. I radiate wholeness and well-being now.

God works through me:

Today I am alert to the ways God expresses in my life. Everything I do is filled with harmony and balance as I let God's joy propel me through every action of this day. My day goes smoothly and joyously. I am thankful!

Food is my friend:

Everything I eat turns to health and beauty. I am open to receive the good that food has for me. I eat only what my body needs to be healthy. There is no hunger or feeling of being deprived, as my every need is satisfied by Spirit.

Change comes easily to me:

I accept new, fulfilling experiences each day as I turn to infinite Intelligence for guidance. I know that in order for things to be different, something must change. I accept change easily and flow with it as I welcome expanded good into my life. I am grateful.

This Thing Called You

This is really a wonderful book! You are the only person you can ever know intimately. You are the one with whom you must live eternally. This book is about you. It is for you and to you! I found this book to be SO helpful in turning around my extremely negative thinking, depressive thoughts, and pessimistic thinking patterns that I had fallen into in 1990.

It is a goldmine of positive and empowering thoughts, a perfect antidote to entertainment reading blahs. There is poetry, wisdom, and deep insights on every page. If you are interested in non-religious interpretations of the teachings of Jesus, or just wanting to expand your mastery over life, this book will suffuse you with inspiration and speak directly to your soul. You can order it on 

An excerpt (pages 37 - 38): "Life lies open to me, rich, full and abundant. It is important that you maintain a strict censorship over your thinking. Just as you watch your garden that foreign seeds shall not fall into it, producing a growth of undesirable plants, so you must refuse entrance to any thoughts you do not wish to see manifested in your life.

Learn to convert thought patterns of sickness, unhappiness, fear and doubt into patterns which conform to spiritual perfection. Make a picture of yourself as happy and successful. Refuse to entertain contrary ideas."

Guard well this garden of your mind. It is God's garden of your soul. It is your Garden of Eden wherin may grow your fondest desires and hopes, blossoming into fulfillment. Or, if your permit, the weeds of destruction, fear and doubt, will choke out the beauty of hope until despair alone remains. Watch carefully, then, this garden of your soul. Plant there only seeds of happiness, of joy, of peace and of good will.

It may be necessary to cultivate your garden to uproot the weeds and straighten out the rows, planting new seeds--new ideas, broader visions and deeper realizations of life. New aspirations must be bedded here, fertilized with the fervor of hope, the conviction of faith, the beauty of wholeness and the quietness of peace. Watch your garden carefully, guard it patiently, waiting for a new harvest--for you shall reap what you have sown. Plant love in your garden. Kindness and sympathy flow from the heart of love, and human goodness...Go often into your garden. God Himself will go forth anew into creation through you.

Explore too Summary of Secret Teachings Official Web Site of The Secret Movie.pdf

                                  Gosh I'm Good! poster:

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Plant the Garden of Your Life with Seeds of Well-Being!

Your life is your garden. Over time, what you plant is what you get

Mental Nutrients: What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

How do you begin to make changes?

and lastly, Loving-Kindness: Learn to Befriend Ourselves and Others

Plant Precious Nuggets of Possibility Thinking

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself,
And what I assume you shall assume,
For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.”

Walt Whitman, from Song of Myself

Sondra Ray explains in her book, The Only Diet There Is: If we forgive the past, drop negative thoughts and resentments, stop being victims—we drop our fat as well. She asserts that as we release our negativity, we release excess weight in our minds, hearts, and in our bodies.

Practice a diet of self-love

Fast from negative thoughts

Sondra Ray’s steps are as follows:

Diet from negative thinking, feast on affirmations, use visualizations, give up anger, write down your feelings, bless your food, love your body, nurture yourself, turn it all over to God, and give thanks to God.

I used this book extensively and found all of the exercises and affirmations to be quite helpful. Copyright date is 1981 by Celestial Arts Publishers.



You'll find it at

Creative Visualization: Use the Power of Your Imagination to Create What You Want in Your Life


One last resource that I used comprehensively was Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. It provided hundreds of affirmations and ideas that allowed me to Accept a Miracle! A true miracle of personal change!

Harmony, Abundance, Equality, and Commitment

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