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Opponent Steps for Purification



Doing the four opponent steps repeatedly can purify the imprints of our destructive actions and relieve the psychological heaviness of guilt.


1.     Visualize the holy beings (Christ, the Virgin Mary, Buddha or others) in front of you and generate regret (not guilt!) for your negative actions and motivations by honestly admitting them. Feel that the spiritual guides and witness your unburdening of these things and look at you with complete acceptance and compassion.

2.      Repair the relationship with those whom you have harmed. In the case of holy beings, reaffirm your refuge in them. In the case of ordinary people, generate a positive attitude towards them and the altruistic intention to benefit them in the future. If it is possible to do so, apologize to those you have harmed. When it is not possible, focus on wishing them well.

3.      Make a determination not to do the actions again in the future. For those actions you cannot honestly say you will never do again, make a determination to abandon them for a specific amount of time that is reasonable for you.

4.      Engage in remedial behavior. This may be community service, spiritual practice, making offerings, visualizing light flowing from God, Jesus, Mary or Buddha into you while you recite mantra (rosary or prayers), meditating on love and compassion or emptiness, and so forth.


Conclusion: Feel you have purified all negative imprints and released all guilt. Feel psychologically and spiritually cleansed so you can go on with your life with a fresh and positive attitude.

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