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Precious Human Life


Check if you have conditions conducive for spiritual practice. Consider the advantage of each quality, rejoice if you have it, and think of how to gain it if you donít.


1.    Are you free from unfortunate states? Do you have a human body and human intelligence?


2.    Are your sense and mental faculties healthy and complete?


3.    Do you live at a time when helpful teachings have been given? Do you live in a place where you have access to them?


4.  Are you naturally interested in spiritual development? Do you have instinctive belief in things

    worthy of respect, such as ethics, the path to self awareness and compassion?


5.  Do you have a supportive group of spiritual friends who encourage you and who act

   as good examples? Do you live near a spiritual-support community?


6.   Do you have the material conditions for practice such as food, clothes, and so forth?


7.  Do you have access to qualified spiritual teachers or mentors who can guide you along the

    correct path?


Conclusion: Feel like a beggar who just won the lottery, that is, feel joyful and enthusiastic about every-thing you have going for you in your life. 

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