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Puzzle Pieces of Life

By Daniel Yett

The story of my life, Pieces of a puzzle.


A puzzle that was forced upon me at birth.

A puzzle with an uncountable amount of missing pieces.

This puzzle doesnít even have a box to put the only pieces I got of it.

Not even a box with a picture on it to see where these pieces might go.

Sometimes the pieces were of bright and beautiful, happy pieces,

These were the pieces that were gracefully and joyfully handed to me,

Gift-wrapped like presents.

Sometimes the pieces were dull and ugly, sad pieces, hurtful pieces,

These were the pieces that were heaved uncaringly toward my direction,

Packaged in shell casings with shrapnel like bombs.


The story of my life,

A hard puzzle to put together.

A puzzle that I started trying to put together since birth.

A puzzle that I canít fully put together to see whether itís a blessing or curse.

I started to put the puzzle pieces in a box I made, and frame my own picture.

Sometimes the picture is clear to me as to how it should look.

These pieces have lots of detail on them, enough to show me where the pieces go.

Well-written like books,

Things like friendship,

Fond memories of summertime in a park.

Water balloon fights,

And a first kiss.

Sometimes the pieces arenít clear at all, and I have no clue what the really are.

These pieces are random, blurred, have unclear boundaries, solid colors.

Things like race,

Role models,

Correct behavior,

And bad advice.


Some of the puzzle pieces I get to work with are weathered, infected, and moldy,

Itís difficult to wash stench from oneís hand after dealing with those pieces.

Other puzzle pieces I come across are, ancient artifacts, sculptures, masterpieces,

It is these pieces I love the most, they etch character in you like diamonds on glass.

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