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Quick Vegetarian Main Dish Ideas









1Canned lentil soup

2 Spaghetti bottled marinara sauce

3 Hummus with pita bread (see delicious dinner recipes)

4 Take-out salad bar

5 Bean tacos

6 Veggie burger on whole-grain bun

7 Teriyaki tofu with rice (see delicious dinner recipes)

8 Low-fat macaroni and cheese


9 Canned vegetarian chili

10 Tofu pate with low-fat crackers (see delicious dinner recipes)

11 Pizza with vegetables (see delicious dinner recipes)

12 Spaghetti with steamed vegetables

13 Oriental burritos (see delicious dinner recipes)

14 Microwave potato with vegetables and cottage cheese

15 Baked tortilla chips with beans and low-fat cheese

16 Tofu scrambled with meatless sausage and vegetables

17 Take-out Chinese lo-mein with vegetables

18 Falafel (from mix) in whole-wheat pita bread

19 Peanut butter and banana sandwich

20 Frozen spinach ravioli

21 Lentil-rice pilaf (boxed mix)

22 Ratatouille, canned or frozen


23 Steamed vegetables over couscous

24 Bean burritos

25 Frozen low-fat spinach lasagna

26 Canned potatoes with spinach and kidney beans

27 Take-out vegetable pizza Order reduced amount cheese

28 Spiced red beans and tomatoes over instant brown rice

Used with permission from © 2004, Kaiser Permanente Northwest Health Education Services, Cultivating Health™ Weight Management Kit


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To complete meals, add simple vegetables, salad, bread, fruit, or dessert, as desired.

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