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 Recovery Haiku

By Harmony Gordon



Embarrassed antics
Drunk girl unlovely creature
Sober woman now

Temptation to drink?
Newcomer in despair shows
To drink is to die

Self pity toxic
Solution in acceptance
No pity party

Living on life's terms
Thy will, not mine be done now
Serene at long last

Self centered human
look for similarities

Hook up with sponsor
Go to meetings, climb steps
Service, do the work

Resentment kicks ass
Worth my sanity? Think not
Fuel for compulsion

Fellowship can heal
All of us have a story
Isolation breaks

Not my universe
I am just a passenger
Creator nodding
One year no boozing
Wouldn't be hard for many
That's not my story

Change of consciousness
Using the twelve sacred steps
Landslide psychic shift

This ship going down
God help me I'm drowning
A sea of liquor

High bottom fortune
Horrifying - 'yets' -to come
Blackouts, dead, ahead

Coin in my pocket
Will not dissolve in my mouth
Long wait for next drink

The one I desire
Is never the one I have
Chasing next bottle

Clearing the wreckage
Takes action and more action
One day at a time

Failure on my own
Character defects galore
Dependence on God

Honest look in light
Inventory taking time
Is this the real me?

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