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Sober Play: Using Creativity for a More Joyful Recovery

by Jill Kelly, PhD

with Bridget Benton

For those of us who are very serious, dedicated, and responsible about our recovery (because weíve suffered a lot), Jillís book is a breath of fresh, cool air on a hot day.

 She encourages opening the spirit and emotions to our innate creativity (which might have been submerged due to lifeís difficulties).

Jill offers a tapestry of diverse ideas and practices to dabble inóeven providing many suggestions of how to begin in each creative area. I found it to be lots of fun!

Jill shares experience, strength, and hope for the creative blossoming of our lives.

 Iím sure youíll enjoy feasting in Jillís banquet of creative delights.

Jill was the editor of my Playbook Lighter and Free from the Inside out.

You can purchase it on Amazon or Kindle and also from Jill. From Amazon:

She can mail out signed copies for $13.00, which includes postage:

Visit Jill's website:  and Jill's contact information:

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Jill's other book is Sober Truths:

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