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“Stoveless” Quick Meals!

By Bob Wilson BS, DTR

If you ever find that your stove isn’t working or if you just want a healthy, quick meal for your family, you may want to try one of the following suggestions.  GREAT for hot summer nights to avoid heating up the kitchen. Also good for simple meals.

  • Always keep a BIG SALAD (dark, leafy greens provide much more nutrients) in the refrigerator!  It can serve as the base for many delicious meal combinations.

  • Keep fruit and vegetables cut up in the refrigerator for snacks or meals. You can buy them already cut up in the produce section of your store.

  • Microwave (or steam) red, purple or Yukon Gold potatoes with Health ValleyÒ canned spicy fat-free black bean vegetarian chili

  • Have breakfast for dinner! Check out: Breakfasts for the Whole Family

  • Have a picnic! Go to visit and walk around: Lunches for Kids and Adults

  • Use barbecue to steam and broil foods

  • Foil wrap fish with vegetables and cook on barbecue

  • Cook rice in rice cooker—add canned beans, salsa or stewed tomatoes

  • Try IZZY’SÒ vegetarian pizza & salad bar (watch out for high-fat items) --or make your own. Check out the Nutritious Snacks section and Dinner Recipes section too.

  • SubwayÒ low-fat submarine sandwiches on whole wheat bread. Go light on extra spreads and cheeses. Bring along cut-up veggies and fruit to eat!

  • Cook in advance a LARGE POT OF SOUP--- multibean, lentil or minestrone soup and freeze in individual portions.  Reheat in microwave, or eat cold.  Yum!

  • Microwave whole-wheat rotelle pasta. While cooking add broccoli, green onions,  light-tofu cubes and red peppers.  Or, drain cooked noodles and ADD fat-free vegetarian chili or spaghetti sauce and Parmesan cheese.

  • Cooked pasta and frozen vegetable salad—use bottled low-fat Italian dressing.  Make in advance.

  • Yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit and/or vegetables

  • Stir-fry in electric wok or electric fry pan

  •  Warm up (microwave or oven) whole-wheat tortillas with refried low-fat black or spicy fat-free beans; add salsa & shredded lettuce, FF sour cream & tomato.  This is my favorite quick meal. I also serve it with a BIG salad!

  • Sliced veggies added to whole-wheat pita bread (could add tuna or canned chicken, fat-free mayonnaise and mustard). Serve with salad and a cold drink.

  • Chicken & vegetables, stew, or bean soup in crock-pot

  • Cold turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread with cranberry relish (see Dinner recipes)

  • Make spaghetti beforehand and warm it up in microwave

  • Low fat microwave dinner

  • Call your mother or mother-in-law for an invite once a week!!!

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