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The Attitude of Wisdom


After having taken time to reflect on and evaluate the validity of these ideas in your life, you have developed greater perspective about, and understanding of our human journey.


·        You have more practice making skillful choices and transforming unskillful patterns in your life.

·        You have a better understanding of yourself as one of billions of people who are living on earth. You are fundamentally no different than anyone else.

·        You better understand your personal suffering and those attitudes and patterns that bring about suffering for all of us.

·        You now know how to cultivate patterns that bring about well-being for yourself.


Now take this understanding, and wish that all people might come to have the same awareness that you have. Wish that they might experience that same freedom that you now experience. Lastly, take action and reach out to the world and use your talents and gifts to share your blessings with the world. Have FUN and celebrate your gift of LIFE!


“Life has to be lived forwards, but is only understood backwards.”


NOTE: These meditations have been adapted from The Lamrim Meditations and The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation by Bhikshuni Thubten Chodron. Used with permission.

             Copyright © 2001-2018 Bob Wilson BS, DTR  All Right Reserved. Articles are for personal use only. Please request permission for other uses. Thanks!