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Two Meditations:


1.      Shower or bath meditation: While the water flows over you, think you are releasing all of your disturbing attitudes—that they are being washed away…flowing out of you. Think that all the loving qualities of holy beings (God, Jesus, Buddha, Mary…) are flowing into you.

2.      Bathroom or toilet meditation: After releasing body wastes—before flushing—think that I release all of my ineffective habits of mind, body and speech. I release them as no longer needed in my life. My life flows effortlessly into health and wholeness. 



                                                  Wisdom By Eric Marcoux

In the midst of desire, find the point of no-desire.

In the midst of fear, find the point of no-fear.

In the midst of despair, find the point of no-despair.

In the midst of joy, don’t cling.


In the rain, find the dry point.

In the sun, find the cool.

In the wind, find stillness.


When rushing thoughts arise, who knows?

Find the knower.

When rushing feelings come, who feels?

Find the feeler.

And don’t cling.


Finding stillness in movement,

and movement in stillness

One glimpses the True Nature of all. 

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