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Dedication and My Intention For This Web Site

Dedicated to all people who are struggling with their relationship with food and life. I am deeply touched by your challenges and the courage you demonstrate to make changes in your lives.

I feel your impatience, overwhelm, and hopelessness. I always delight in and celebrate your gradual blossoming into your potential and your release from patterns that harm you. It's so FUN to see you open up your heart to yourself as you adopt a new way of being.

I want to thank each of you for what you have helped me learn. The result is shared on this Website. HUGS,     Bob

My Hope For This Web Site

This Web site Is About Cultivating Gradual, Sustainable Change.

My goal is to empower each person to become a loving caregiver (their own lifestyle COACH) to their body, mind, and spirit; in effect, to learn how to nurture, honor, and respect themselves as they embark of their journey to achieve a healthier weight. 

In this Website each person will get to the root of their weight imbalance by identifying thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle patterns that affect on their eating and activity choices. For each person, I will support your efforts as you learn skills that allow you to:

See your life as a whole and develop wisdom and discernment about your moment-to-moment choices. You will come to understand how each of your daily choices affect your body, mind, and spirit--how everything is interconnected.


Contemplations I Consider Before Work or Teaching Classes

Before Class, I Set My Motivation (Intention)

  • I remember that I value being of service to others.

  • May I say what's true

  • May I say what they need to hear.

  • May I express it clearly.

  • May it help me & them! May I remember that I'm "just a gardener planting seeds of well-being."

  • Through this, may we all achieve our highest sense of well-being, aliveness, and personal friskiness!

  • I dedicate the house mess & cleaning for the benefit of all people. When I teach classes I bring along lots of visual aids and books. Keeping abreast of current trends requires reading lots of materials. Over time, heaps of papers and books are stacked everywhere! I could not do what I do without spending time to clean up. So as I clean things up, I imagine cleaning up everybody's (including mine) unhealthy habits and attitudes, and bringing all things to a greater order and harmony.

After Class, I Contemplate

  • May the seeds of self-honoring and respect, self-empowerment and awareness, sprout, grow, and blossom into a wondrous, abundant new life for each individual! May people be assisted in understanding and healing life issues that underlie illness and behavioral struggles. My intention is that no harm is done through any of my interventions.

  • Go to see as well: Plant The Garden of Your Life With Seeds of Well-Being.

  • Pay a visit to also: Dieting versus the Non-Dieting approach for weight loss which explains the underlying holistic intensions.

  • Consider: Thoughts on Healing & Helping.

             Copyright 2001-2018 Bob Wilson BS, DTR  All Right Reserved. Articles are for personal use only. Please request permission for other uses. Thanks!