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Ecosystem Well-Being and Inner Vitality

 Notice The Causal Web—the Causes and Conditions Of Your Being Unhealthy

Every Part of Our Lives Affects Every Other Part of Our Lives.

Your Life--Everything Is Interconnected!

Humankind Is a Part of the Web of Life.

We—our lives—are an ecosystem. All of our different patterns interact and interconnect in an intricate web. Everything affects everything else. All patterns form a web, which will either support a healthy weight or gradually bring on increasing levels of disease.

·        We are made up each day of the “nutrients” (choices) that we feed ourselves—on all levels of our life.

·        The Law of Cause & Effect (sowing & reaping) operates at all levels of our being—1) physical, 2) emotional, 3) spiritual, 4) creating a balanced lifestyle, and 5) mental.

      If we transform choices that have led to disease, we will gradually experience well-being!

The Complex Web Of Weight Management

Socio-Ecological Model--Looking Beyond the Individual

For A Five-Part Holistic Self-Care Program, by Douglas Bloch

Shine The Light of Self-Care on Yourself to Transform Inner Pain!

The first step in changing is to be aware of the toxins and the healthful nutrients that you feed yourself each day—at all levels—they are interconnected, an ecosystem.

 Practice dynamic self-care: Cultivate the SKILL of providing nurturing, healthful nutrients and eliminating toxins on all levels:

    • Physical (foods, physical activity, patterns of daily choices)
    • Emotional (listening to your inner self, nurturing activities, balance in life)
    • Spiritual (taking quiet time, time for reflection and renewal)
    • Social (contact with various levels of supportive relationships, being involved with life)
    • Mental (thoughts, self talk and patterns of mental reactions)
    • Right Livelihood (not just a job, but a way to express your talents and give your gifts to the world—one that provides joy, pleasure, and growth experiences)

To achieve a healthier weight and maintain it-permanently, (weight and health maintenance), you will need to change the way you live your life. An essential skill and practice is for YOU to become your own personal lifestyle coach. To begin, delve into: Daily Personal 5-Minute Check-In and  How To Use This Site.

This process can be FUN and enjoyable! Self-care does not have to be torture. You can learn to celebrate a healthful lifestyle! In fact, making FUN your focus will ensure that your new patterns naturally become your new way you create your life. Delight in exploring:


Consider every moment-by-moment choice you make affects every other choice, and the RESULTS you get.

Change Your Moment-By-Moment Choices, Change Your Life!!!

Explore your patterns--your "puzzle pieces" that have led to your overweight. Discover:

Learn to tune within yourself and become your own “personal lifestyle trainer.” To find your own answers to challenges that you face, visit the:

 Who or what we are, is always in flux.

v     If you want to observe the collective effects of your PAST choices, look at your life today.

v     If you want to see what your FUTURE will look like—observe your choice of thought patterns, choices of food and activity patterns, the ways you choose to nurture yourself and your values and goals. Consider using your power of choice to bring to yourself the future that you would love to create and to experience. Perhaps consider consuming less and reflecting more.

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