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Dedication for a Meaningful Life

By Venerable Zopa Rinpoche

Whatever actions I do—eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, working, and so forth—and whatever I experience in life—up or down, happy or unhappy, healthy or sick, whether I have a terminal disease or don’t, whether my life is peaceful and harmonious or with discord and difficulties, whether I am successful or fail, rich or poor, praised or criticized; whether I am living or dying, or even born in a horrible place; whether I live long or not—may my life be beneficial for all beings.

The main purpose of my life is not simply to be rich, respected, famous, healthy, and peaceful. The meaning of my life is to benefit all beings. Therefore, from now on, may whatever actions I do be beneficial for all beings. May whatever I experience in life—happiness or suffering—be dedicated to actualizing the path to enlightenment (nurturing a completely kind, loving, and peaceful response in every situation) in my mind. May my actions and experiences cause all sentient beings to attain full development of every potential that they have--quickly. Slightly edited.

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Extracts from

Guide to a Bodhisattva’s Way of Life

By Shantideva



May all beings everywhere plagued by sufferings of body and mind

obtain an ocean of happiness and joy by virtue of my merit.


 May no living creature suffer, commit evil or ever fall ill.

May no one be afraid or belittled with a mind weighted down by depression.


 May the blind see forms, and the deaf hear sounds.

May those whose bodies are torn with toil be restored on finding repose.


 May the naked find clothing, the hungry find food.

May the thirsty find water and delicious drinks.


 May the poor find wealth, those weak with sorrow find joy, may the forlorn find hope,

constant happiness and prosperity.


May there be timely rains and bountiful harvests.

May all medicines be effective…and wholesome prayers bear fruit.


May all who are sick and ill quickly be freed from their ailments.

Whatever diseases there are in the world, may these never occur again.


May the frightened cease to be afraid and those bound be freed.

May the powerless find power and may people think of benefiting each other.


For as long as space endures

and as long as living beings remain,

until then may I too abide

to dispel the misery of the world.



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