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Various Meditations

Celebrate Personal Quiet Time—Spiritual Connection

Meditation—Why and How—Cleanse and Train The Mind

Make Your Mind an Ocean: Become Your Own Therapist!

Turning On The Television: Where Is Your Mind?

Practice The Dharma as a Meditation In Our Lives

For a PDF version of The Seven Principles of Buddhist Activism.pdf also visit THE FOURTEEN PRECEPTS
OF ENGAGED BUDDHISM By Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh (From the book Interbeing)

14 Mindfulness trainings:  and 5 Mindfulness Trainings:

Prayer of St. Francis

A Prayer For Peace from

Kiss The Earth and Walk as You Touch Peace in Every Moment!

The globe meditation GLOBE MEDITATION WEBSITE.pdf

Spiritual Hunger & Malaise: Why Do We Starve & How Can We Nourish Ourselves?

Explore Buddhism In A Nutshell at

Eight Verses of Thought Transformation a PDF file by Thubten Chodron

Four Foundations of Mindfulness: body, feelings, mind, and all phenomena

Phillip Shapiro's healing methods

Eight Aspirations of a Great Being

20 Simple Generosity Practices You Can Try

Dedication for a Meaningful Life

How the Dharma (spiritual teachings) Turned Major Health Problems into Happiness


How to Use the Meditations Below About the Gradual Process From Confusion and Pain... to Self-Awareness and Freedom


THE MEDITATIONS Above Are Adapted from Thubten Chodron

The Gradual Path From Confusion to Self-Awareness

The Original meditations can be found on Thubten Chodron's Web site at the link below: 

Also, see Venerable Chodron's Web site: and

For RealPlayer audio teachings visit:

See also AUDIO LIBRARY for other teachings:  These teachings are FABULOUS!

Additional Meditations

How to work with food cravings

The Grace Of Eating: The Five Contemplations Before Meals

What Is Life About? Heart Advice

Ruminations by Amber

Two Meditations

Don’t worry about it!

Thoughts on Healing & Helping

Additional Meditation Resources

SIMS: Seattle Insight Meditation Society (Rodney Smith):

  • Talks by Rodney Smith:  Explore his many excellent talks including Distortions of Mind.

  • Another excellent teacher is Venerable Robina Courtin. Her teachings are humorous, insightful, and transformative. She speaks about: Changing the Mind, Why Bad Things Happen, Wheel of Life, Liberation from Suffering, and On Being Human. They can be listened to in MP3 format. Explore: 

Venerable also gave a wonderful talk in Portland, Oregon in June 2005 topic "Developing a Good Heart" in life's situations. To download the MP3 files (it takes about 1 hour, but is well worth it!) This talk is absolutely brilliant! Venerable breaks down the teachings on karma and purification and shares how to work with our minds.

Natural Awareness:  Many excellent resources to cultivate awareness of body, feelings, mind, and all experiences in life, By George Draffan

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