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The Eight Aspirations of a Great Being

by Kyabje Kalu Rinpoche

By the power of the truth and goodness of the supreme refuges, and by the virtuous actions and a pure motivation, may I, with all my heart, exert myself in removing the myriad sufferings of beings filling space.

By the excellence of virtuous activities of this world and beyond,

may I, according to the needs of each,

satisfy the hopes and aspirations of all beings.

May my body, flesh, and blood, everything I am made of,

contribute in the most appropriate way to the welfare of all sentient beings.

May the suffering of all beings, my previous mothers, dissolve in me,

and may they have my joys and virtues.

However long this world lasts, may I never have,

even for a single instant,

a malevolent thought toward another.

May I always strive with energy for the welfare of beings,

without relaxing my efforts

in times of sadness, exhaustion, or other obstacles.

For those who are hungry or thirsty, for the poor and needy,

may I naturally lavish on them

the abundance they wish for.

May I bear the heavy load

of the terrible suffering of beings of the hells and other realms, and may they all be free.

Taken from "Luminous Mind," by Kalu Rinpocl'le, translated by Maria Montenegro, Wisdom Publications 1993,  


Contemplate as well Dedication for a Meaningful Life

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