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 Reaching Out to Others

Consider  benefiting others by:

  • Helping the suffering or sick
  • Giving counsel and advice to those who are obscured or ignorant of means to help themselves
  • Providing help to those who need it to realize their goals
  • Protecting those who are afraid, in danger, or about to be killed or injured
  • Comforting those who are grieving, whose relative has died, or who have lost their social position
  • Helping the poor and needy
  • Providing for those who are in need of a place to stay, such as the poor, spiritual practitioners, and travelers
  • Helping to reconcile those who quarrel and seek to be in harmony
  • Supporting those who wish to practice the spiritual truths and act constructively
  • Stopping those who are acting negatively or are about to do so


Conclusion: Feel joyful to be able to reach out to others with an awareness that all things interconnected.

It is essential to practice compassion for yourself. Acknowledge and respect your limits. Put “your needs on the list of people you care for.” Know when to say “No.”

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