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Savin' From The Cravin'

By Heidi

This poem was written by a class participant who had attended two series of the 12-week classes that I teach. She describes the inner changes that she had experienced from her ongoing commitment to a healthier style of living.

Day by day, Iím becoming more free,

 From all the abuse Iíve done to me,


Iím learning food is not my enemy, nor my friend,

Itís either a healthier relationship with food,

Or my life will end,


Itís like being re-born as I begin to grow,

Into the person beneath, each day more shows,


The very first step was reaching out

For that helping hand,

I donít have to stay trapped Ė sinking in quick sand,


I love myself more now, I sure I always did,

Iím embracing many feelings, even way back

From when I was a kid,


Sure, relapse is expected, before my journey is through,

Iíll just keep learning and practicing,

Thatís what I deserve to do!


Heidi Also wrote:

Today is a totally new day!

If you fell off the wagon

Yesterdayóor even for the

Last three daysóit doesnít

Matter. Today is the day

You make a fresh start.

What wonderful thing will

You do for your mind,

Heart, and body today?

Make a list, pick one, then


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