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Think about what daily choices will allow you to actualize these intentions. What could you do? What tools might you need to support your journey of change? What would be the value of doing it in your life?


JI live a life guided by mental/emotional wellness and embodiment of the spiritual qualities.

 J I let go of all self-made suffering (fear, neurosis, attachment to material possessions, etc.).


J I feel all spiritual qualities and give from a non-ego based source.


J I maintain mental/emotional wellness by understanding myself as a conglomeration of elements; I am malleable with an indestructibly strong will and positive thoughts. I can give up and create whatever I want with the firing of will.


JI choose calm wellness through focus on the Divine and alignment with its highest intentions.


J I avoid triggering environments and surround myself with supportive functional environments.


JActivities are flexibly structured and at the same time spontaneously enjoyed.


JI choose to keep a balance between short/long term need of self and others.


J All areas of my life are simple, organized, and in control. I consistently clean, simplify, and organize to maintain a pure vibration in material reality.


J To compassionately nurture myself, I choose what makes my physical body feel consistently well; healthfully clean/warm, inside and out. I eat a flexible diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, eggs, yogurt, and 2-4 servings of fish and chicken a week. I exercise for 45 minutes a day (running, basketball / strengthening, stretching, yoga).


J I have a healthy mental attitude/vibration.


J I generate a calm, clear, willing, positive essence through divinely centered awareness.


J I choose to maintain a healthy vibration through about an hour of methods a day (energization, prayer, meditation and other spiritual methods in the morning, evening, and within free times).


J I feel a steady flow of vitality, vigor, and newness.


J I consistently act on creative inspiration --- shaping abstract and concrete material (cooking dinner 4 or more nights, writing in evenings, gardening in mornings and weekends, making visual art occasionally).


J I engage in counseling and healing therapies to reprogram my mental and emotional trauma and remain calm and positive.


J During free time I regenerate by practicing spiritual methods, relaxing, writing, engaging in activities with friends, working on creative projects, enjoying time in nature, with music/massage/sauna, and occasionally letting loose in a healthy way (dancing, games, etc.).


J I am involved in healthy work that satisfies both my Divine passions and serves others.


J I am credentialed and fully prepared to fulfill the needs of a well-paying job that is financially stable and manageable stress-wise, allowing me to support family over the long-term.


J I manage money by keeping to a budget.


J I am aligned, disciplined, and persevering - lovingly and compassionately gratifying soul-desires and the Self only.


J I maintain motivated energy with the traction of a spiritual path and footing of Divine purpose. I choose to work until tired, using empty time to relax and sleep, saying remembrances before meals, and maintaining one-pointed focus on the Divine.




To have a PDF of these intentions: Set Your Intention for Your Life.pdf

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