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I am a Dietetic Technician Registered of the American Dietetic Association. I received the Award of Excellence in Practice in Dietetics in 1996 from the American Dietetic Association.  I went into the field of dietetics to help people learn the skills that helped me be successful. I have been teaching a healthier lifestyle, non-dieting weight management program in Portland, Oregon for 22 years. I teach 2-3 classes each week. I helped develop the non-dieting curriculum--creating a sustainable, healthful, style of living--which leads to being healthier-at-any-size. 

I started this Web site in December 2003. A friend, Lowell Greenberg, helped me get started. As I began this learning process, it occurred to me that it is very similar to someone wanting to lose weight and keep it off. I had an idea to start the site, and someone volunteered to help me out. We set up a day to begin, went shopping for the right tools (software and FrontPage, step-by-step book), and then it was "trial by fire!" I sat down at the computer and tried to work with the software program. Lowell helped me get started. Gee, he made it look so EASY! Well, that was until I tried it by myself. I was used to Word and MS Publisher programs, not FrontPage. The program didn't work the same. It took lots of practice, reading over the book, calling up technical support, oodles of patience, persistence, and more than a few naps! Now, I'm actually becoming more skilled in using the program. Ah.

So you see, the process is very much the same as for cultivating a healthy lifestyle. You may not know exactly how to do it, but you can learn with some help, practice, perseverance, and patience. Enjoy your journey of lifestyle change, not just the destination.

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