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Remain Alert and Attentive


Our old habits and ways of being are very persistent and sneaky! Outside my home is a whole hedge of timber bamboo. It rises to a height of 30 feet!  Gradually, over the years, it has sent out roots throughout the side yard where it is located (even under the side walk out into the parking strip). Every spring it sends up new shoots which can grow two feet in one day!

Persistent & Sneaky...                     ...Old Habits Sprout!

The bamboo roots have grown into a cedar-tree hedge. I went out to the garden today and looked into the hedge to notice about 30 new 2-foot tall (1-3" across) shoots! Oh my gosh. This pattern of growth reminded me of how OLD habits can grow back (relapse) unless we are alert and look for signs (sprouts) of our former ways of doing things.

It is much easier to prune out the old patterns when the shoots are small, rather than waiting until they are 30-feet tall!

Consider getting your pruning tools ready:

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