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Notice The Complex Web Of Holistic Healthy Living

Weight and health management is about life balance with many factors affecting each other.

Experiencing a healthy weight is about balance. Overweight people are often told to simply "eat less and exercise more" to achieve a healthier weight. However, health and wellness issues are very complex.

 Patterns, patterns everywhere.

This holistic health model illustrates that there are physical, environmental, and mental-emotional-spiritual factors influencing your weight. Some of these factors you can control, some you can't.

Do you recognize some of these factors as possibly contributing to your weight problem? Finding new ways to overcome those sabotaging influences can lead to success. This Web site will focus on those areas you CAN change, prioritizing your goals to work on those that will have the greatest impact, and carrying through with your plan to make practical changes to achieve success.

After all, if you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always gotten. I have confidence you will find solutions that work for you. As you invest in yourself you will receive the fruit of personal freedom!

To investigate an amazing compilation of factors that lead to overweight in the world, check out:

After you’ve checked inside and found out what you need to be well, then invest in frisky living for yourself!

Cultivate body, mind, and spiritual health. Our lives are an ecosystem. Every choice we make affects every other choice we make. Make a regular investment in you: consume essential self-care nutrients. Explore Physical, Spiritual, People Support, Mental/emotional, and Flexible Lifestyle Structure to help you achieve your dreams! Each of these is a GIFT to yourself and the world.

Start where you are and create a new life! Check below to see if you are providing these essential self-care nutrients for yourself on a regular basis.

To understand yourself and your weight loss and maintenance challenges gander at Your Life--Everything Is Interconnected!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

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We form habits, then habits form us!

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