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Self-Nurturing Restorative Box



The self-nurturing treasure chest box consists of items that appeal to the 5 senses: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, and Sound…and they help us to restore ourselves.


Find your favorite items and keep them in a box. During times of stress or other emotional triggers, the box serves as another way to self-soothe in place of turning to food or other unhealthy choices.


The following are some examples:

Sight: an inspirational photo, a comic strip, a card from a dear friend, meditation book, chalk, or bubbles
Smell: potpourri, incense, scented candle, perfume, or a dried rose
Taste: flavorful herb tea bag, a piece of gum or sugar-free candy, or candied ginger
Touch: a rabbit’s foot, stuffed animal, squishy stress ball, Little Fur Family book
Sound: Music or Book from a CD or i-Pod, small music box, sheet music, a squeaky toy, or a kazoo


How about for you?
















OR (what would put a smile on your face and make you glad to be alive)?


To print off a PDF of this exercise,  Self-Restoration Box.pdf


Perhaps explore:



Adapted from ideas from Jessie Hahn        © Bob Wilson

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