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Balanced Holistic Weight Management

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Bob's Journey Into Freedom

I want to share with you insights, tools, tips, resources, and a process that have completely transformed my life. WOW! I have been in my own personal hell, and have come out into a place of peace, joy, and personal freedom. I have seen these ideas work for thousands of people that I've worked with.                             


Bob at age 19 and 260 pounds—top weight was 400! Bob today at about 157 pounds. I've kept off about 250 pounds for over 40 years! Learn how YOU too can be healthy for life.

At a top weight of about 400 pounds my life was dramatically out of balance. I felt out of control. I believed, at a very deep level, that I couldn’t stop overeating. I hated myself. My eating habits and my lifestyle kept me fat and very unhappy and emotionally withdrawn.

I started my weight loss at 21 years of age. I then switched to other addictions because of the stresses and unhealthy influences in my life. I explored numerous emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical areas to help me get to the root causes of my life imbalance. These helped me transform the patterns that led me to weigh 400 pounds in the 8th grade and to my use of alcohol and drugs. I've now have been drug and alcohol-free for over 24 years.

Pay a visit to BOB'S STORY (and the EXPANDED VERSION) for ideas of how I changed my life and how these ideas can help you transform the causes of your being overweight into lifetime well-being. I encourage you to check out the rest of  this site. I share TONS of  fun ideas. Happy exploring. May your life blossom into friskiness! Hugs, Bob

Who Is Bob? What Does He Do?   

                                                         My Mission (Click on to see Bob's personal mission statement)

Contact Information--Electronic mail: BobWilson@balancedweightmanagement.com

Discover that as your life comes into balance...your weight will come into balance.

Experience one-stop self-honoring and self-understanding, which leads to a greater sense of joy, self-mastery, and increasing health and well-being!

You will learn how to maintain those new choices throughout all of the seasons of your life. You'll discover that this site is extraordinary, transformative, comprehensive (the wisdom mother load!) of practical, and FUN info. It's full of sage tips, advice, support, encouragement, and inspiration. It's worth it's weight in gold.

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Note: I share many DELICIOUS Dinner Recipes on the link at the top.  Oodles of additional food ideas for breakfasts, lunches, quick dinners, and snacks can be found in the Essential Skills section #6 of this Website.                   

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I regret that I will not be able to respond to each of you individually with specific weight loss suggestions. I do, however, offer telephone lifestyle coaching on an individual basis. Please check out at the top of this home page.

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