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What's the Payoff? Benefits? Testimonials of Clients*

  • Bob's coaching taught me the many aspects of one's life that can contribute to being overweight: stress, boredom, anger, anxiety, lack of fun in my life, self image problems, and much more...all can be the root causes of misusing food. Managing my life can lead me to being successful in managing my weight. I'm so glad that I learned so many essential lifestyle skills.

  • Hello, just wanted to let you know I love your website. Not only has it brought me joy and to forgive myself of my shortcomings, it enhances my self-esteem. Now, I am working on my binge eating, a lengthy process. Thank you Bob, you bring joy to my life and others! Marie

  • Discover and Celebrate the Value of Baby Steps! A letter from a client.

  • Hi Bob, I don't know if you would remember me. We've never met, but talked several times over the phone a couple of years ago. I bought your book and some of the posters, as well. Just wanted to let you know that much of what you taught me stuck, and I am now 120 pounds lighter. There were three major things that I learned from you that made a huge difference in my approach to a healthier lifestyle. One is the self care. I made a focused commitment to being my own "best mother." That means that I put time and thought and effort into caring for myself with all the energy I would use to care for a little one. Part of that effort is planning and cooking nutritious foods for myself. That involves not just plan able meals, but also being prepared for unplanned events (what used to be a precursor to visiting a drive-up-window.) The another thing you talked to me about was moving my body. You encouraged me that ANYTHING I could do would be a help - that sitting is better than lying down, standing is better than sitting, walking is better than standing. I started out just being grateful that it "counted" when I vacuumed. Lastly, thing I learned from you was to learn to use meat as a condiment instead of the focal point of the meal. Anyway, I think of you often and just wanted to say THANKS!  Bonnie

  • What a wonderful program Bob has. I've been on a gazillion diets over the years. This is the first program that provided a wonderful, healthy life-style approach--not just emphasizing weight loss. Bob was so human: willing to share--really share his journey to better health. What a wonderful experience this has been. PS: I've lost 18 pounds too! What a bonus (in just 12 weeks).

  • Bob, I really want to thank you for sending me these links (I sent website links after a session). I'm at a moment in my job/career where I've been extremely punishing towards myself ... and I've bookended my day with your links and the awareness you've shared in these links are so appropriate given that I have felt deeply despairing about my intelligence and abilities. This really has been a God send at this very moment in my life. Thank You ... I can't say it enough ... Thank You. Here are the links that I sent:

  • Bob helped me very much. I realized there won't be a quick fix to my weight problem. I take it one day at a time and use baby steps, and I will get there. Bob made me figure out how to get what I need, for myself, and to figure out what will work out best for me.

  • I don't know how to thank you for the changes you have helped me make. For the first time in my life I believe I am worth good health and happiness! Your coaching has given me a sense of control over my body and mind. It has given the knowledge and courage to embrace life even if I don't lose another pound. When I began this journey, I wasn't sure if I would be able to continue it, but now I feel like the journey is just beginning. I know now that I don't have to be perfect and that mistakes (relapses) can be OK as long as I don't let it take over my life. You changed my head, my heart, and my body in such a wonderful way. You helped me overcome a fear of change and taught me to embrace it. You are such a wonderful person and I feel truly blessed to have had your positive influence in my life. I wish you all the best in life! Please give yourself a big hug and tell yourself, "Good job Bob!"

  • What was so helpful for me was to learn that healthy food is actually good tasting!Bob really opened my eyes to the fact that being healthy and active...that it is not a chore, it is enjoyable!

  • Thank you for helping me realize the stresses in my life and giving me the tools to set them free. You gave me a gift...the solitude of being. And, I will always hear your voice and phrases when making my food choices!!

  • Bob is the best. I hear Bob coaching me in my head. He has a wealth of knowledge. He provides meaningful, real-life examples. He often encourages me when I'm having a bad time. That picks me up and gives me encouragement to continue, in spite of the setback that I just experienced. Thanks Bob!

  • Bob has been positively inspirational, and is a terrific mentor and guide. He is SO motivational and upbeat that one can't help but be moved to take action. He doesn't lecture or preach. Rather, through his willingness to share his own experiences, he is an effective "tour guide" on the journey to making major life changes.

  • Bob is a living testimony that this program works without sacrificing everything. Thanks!

  • What was most helpful about Bob's coaching? Being able to relate to Bob's experiences--his being where just where I am. Bob's way of coaching is superb. He gets you to think and act. I learned to be proud of myself, even if I stepped backwards. I can always start again!

  • I learned so much. But for me, it was the way that I learned it: Gee, such fun...Bob has lots of energy, enthusiasm, and a great sense of humor...all of this made learning fun and easy for me. It wasn't torture, it was enjoyable!

  • What was most helpful about coaching was the humane approach: small, doable goals, constant practice of positive thinking.

  • What a great program! The coaching was honest, realistic, and focused on small steps that add up to big changes!

  • The information given by Bob was so helpful. His hope, love, understanding, and acceptance allow the information to finally sift in...ah...

  • I found most helpful all of the ideas about snacks and other foods. Bob's self talks, learning to love myself, taking time for stop, think, and eat (if I need to) or rest when I need to. I even learned how to give myself affection, appreciation, more unconditional acceptance, and even self-hugs!

  • Bob is an amazing coach. He conveys a sense of respect, care, and compassion. He creates such a positive & safe learning environment. Thank you so much!!

        *Taken from actual evaluations from clients.


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