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The Painting Experience by Stewart Cubley

I had never been to an "art workshop class" I didn't know what to expect. I had the vision of myself as not being creative with art. I had heard such good things about this I decided to go. I recently had taken a pottery hand-building class and had LOTS of fun, so I was primed for celebrations of life's creative adventures.

For a description of the experience check out: 

The "painting studio" at the Great Vow

A precious creative space...all set up! The staff at the Monestary were wonderful. It is surrounded by a beautiful forest with many delightful and meaningful art exeriences.

Luscious colors...

The tables were set with the most luscious set of paints with an incredible range of colors that were available to use. We each had our own set of brushes to use. We were each given a smock to use so we wouldn't get dirty! It was such FUN!!!

My void canvass

We were each given white paper....a complete void...onto which we were able to "paint our interior universe" onto the blank canvas...a very creative opportunity! As the workshop evolved, the 22 people who were present created an AMAZING ARRAY of creative paintings...I was in awe at what they had done!

My first painting

My first painting.

To hear about the process that was encouraged, check out their website. What an array of wonderful colors!

Mountains and forest!

I adore being out in nature. Here's my vision of seeing beautiful mountains that bless their inhabitants with lovely flowers, streams and water falls, and even deer! I LOVE to frolic in nature. Check out my site for lovely nature pictures.

I LOVE flowers!

I LOVE flower arrangements. I'm making a beautiful one tomorrow!

The great I AM

The great I AM is a mystery that connects, creates, and maintains everything in the Universe.

My last painting

My life is touched by many community, nature, many people, and really the entire earth. It blossoms with a garden of well being and vitality....and loving kindness.


My Pottery Creativity

Some completed pottery

Examples at Georgies

Pottery supplies

Pottery tools


Examples of my pottery

Clay creations: Vow plaque, red mug, and pitcher that you can barely see in upper left

My life vows plaque

It it's creator!


Hugging hands reaching out to the world (I used my hands as a template)

Gizo statue

Gizo with glazes before final firing...the garment was supposed to be BLUE...but I didn't put enough glaze on it...

Gizo bodhisatava

Completed Gizo radiating love!

Gizo back side

I Vow to Bloom where life puts me...where I am planted!

I Vow to Plant a Garden on Earth of Loving Kindness


My Lovely 2013 Garden that Allows the Play of Earth's Creativity

(My garden helper was Eric Blaser)

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